Repair Services

Let your car issues to Soo Alinement, we will diagnose and fix it!


Our dedicated service team will take care of your needs with a great level of professionalism. We offer up-front estimates at competitive prices.

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Serving Brandon, Sioux Falls in South Dakota and the surrounding areas.

Tire Truing

We are the area’s tire truing specialists. By gently, expertly shaving high spots and eliminating flat spots, we can render your car’s tires perfectly round again, giving you the smoothest ride possible while extending tire life, improving suspension, and increasing fuel efficiency. Soo Alignment tire truing specialists are just a phone call away!

Axle straightening

Axels take a beating day in and day out. As a result, axel damage can occur. We have the equipment and know-how to straighten bent or irregular axels which, if left unaddressed, can greatly reduce the life of your tires. Call today for an estimate.

Suspension repair and overhaul

If your ride bounces while braking or when hitting the slightest bump, or if your steering wheel feels off center, call us for a suspension inspection. We’ll thoroughly examine your vehicle’s shocks, struts, and springs for wear or damage and repair or replace the needed parts. Steering and suspension service help secure driver control and ensure proper tire wear.

Exhaust repairs

Normal driving conditions eventually take a toll on exhaust systems. We offer comprehensive exhaust system inspection, repair and replacement. Loud noises are easy to detect, but the subtle signs of problems with your emissions system require diagnosis by a professional. A quieter ride isn’t the only benefit to an exhaust system repair, it also protects you and your family by keeping hazardous carbon monoxide fumes from entering your vehicle. Call us today to schedule an exhaust system check up.


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