Maintenance Services

We specialize in wheel balancing, wheel alignment and brake services.

Our Services

Proper maintenance of your car helps you avoid more costly repairs down the road, we provide individualized service making sure when you leave our shop, you are satisfied with our services.

Peace of mind is just a phone call away.

Serving Brandon, Sioux Falls in South Dakota and the surrounding areas.

Brake Services

Squeaking, squealing, grinding or grabbing upon braking, a spongy feel to your brake pedal, and shaking or wobbly steering, all indicate the need to have your braking system addressed. We offer complete brake system inspection, repair and replacement. Call Soo Alinement today for an appointment.

Alignment Service

We’re your vehicle alignment experts. Potholes and curb bumps are major contributors to a vehicle’s misalignment, causing uneven tread wear and a shortened tire life. If your vehicle pulls to either side or “wanders” at road speed, if your tires squeal or you’re noticing uneven or rapid tire wear, it’s time for an alignment. Proper wheel alignment not only ensures safety on the road, it also increases fuel efficiency. Make an appointment today and let our professionals answer any questions you might have.  We’re the best in the business-we’ll stake our name on it!

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing makes certain your tires and wheels spin without causing vibration, saving you from premature tire repair or replacement. If your steering wheel, seat, or floorboard vibrate when reaching a certain speed (usually between 50 and 70 mph), don’t hesitate! Call us today—you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how smooth your car will ride after professional wheel balancing.

Tire Sales

At Soo Alinement, we know tires. We offer honest, professional tire sales and competitive rates. We pride ourselves in delivering the best tire your money can buy and our service is second to none. Call today and let us help you find the tires most suited to your driving needs.


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