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Proper maintenance of your vehicle helps you avoid more costly repairs down the road, we provide individualized service making sure when you leave our shop, you are satisfied with our services.

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Soo Alinement Does Reliable Truck Alignments

Does your truck want to pull to the right or left? If so, your tractor and/or trailer need an alignment, and for the past 40 years Soo Alinement has kept the South Dakota transportation industry rolling with heavy truck alignment, suspension and repair services. From our state-of-the-art shop near Sioux Falls, the latest semi alignment equipment and technology innovations are put to use by our team of certified technicians. Our goal is a fast turnaround time to get you back on the road quickly, affordably and safely.

What’s the Danger of a Misaligned Truck?

If you operate a big rig in South Dakota, you are regularly hitting potholes, debris and curbs.  When your truck is out of alignment, it affects handling, especially at highway speeds, along with tire wear and braking efficiency. That compromises road safety, plus, you know how much tires for your tractor or trailer are! If your rig is pulling to one side while on the road, the steering wheel vibrates, or you’ve noticed handling issues recently, place your truck’s alignment needs in the reliable hands of Soo Alinement today.  

Trusted Source for Alignments

Soo Alinement has been providing drivers around Sioux Falls with top-notch alignment services since 1976, with a time-tested formula of safety, quality, affordability and getting you back on the road fast! Soo Alinement is a family-owned and operated business. Contact us today for an estimate or to schedule an appointment.