Trailer Alignment

Trailer Alignment from Soo Alinement Saves You Money

Because Trailers Need Alignments Too

If you drive a rig around Sioux Falls, when you’re getting your tractor’s alignment checked out don’t forget about the trailer too. At Soo Alinement, we know that over 70% of the heavy-duty trailers on the road today are misaligned. What does that mean for you?  Misaligned trailer axles cause tandem “scrub”, resulting in rapid tire wear and increased rolling friction. When your trailer doesn’t track properly, it exposes more surface area to wind resistance. This will negatively impact your vehicle’s handling while reducing fuel efficiency and performance.

What Proper Trailer Alignment Looks Like

At Soo Alinement, we’ve been doing high-tech trailer alignments since 1976. We’ve learned a thing or two about what it means to have the wheels aligned properly by our team of certified alignment pros. When correctly aligned, your trailer’s wheels should all point in the same direction, no matter how fast you are traveling. This improves handling and driving safety, gas mileage and tire wear. In fact, routine alignments are the best way to save tires and boost fuel efficiency! At Soo Alinement, our experienced mechanics ensure that the job is done right.

We also Provide these Trailer Alignment Services

Trailer come in all shapes and sizes, but their alignment needs are the same. As a result, Soo Alinement’s certified technicians perform alignments on:

  • Light, medium and heavy-duty trucks
  • Livestock and Boat Trailers
  • School Buses
  • Motor Homes and RVs
  • Ambulances

    Contact us at Soo Alinement in Sioux Falls to schedule a convenient alignment check-up today!