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Do You Own a Boat in the Sioux Falls Area?

When spring finally arrives in South Dakota, you start chomping at the bit to hook up your boat and trailer and head off to your favorite water hole. But first it’s important to check out your boat’s trailer and make sure it is aligned properly. The tow vehicle itself also needs to be checked, because if one or both are misaligned, you are risking higher operating costs and reduced road safety. Since 1976 Soo Alinement has been working with boat owners to get their trailers aligned properly.

Signs of a Misaligned Boat Trailer

Inspect your boat’s trailer. Look for uneven tire wear, which could be due to improper inflation, but also may be an indication of misalignment. Check the tires for “cupping”, which usually means they’re not all pointing in the same direction. While on the road, check if the trailer is riding behind your tow vehicle slightly sideways.  A misaligned trailer can cause handling issues, premature tire wear, reduced fuel efficiency and even braking problems. You’ve got a whole lot invested in that boat, including all of your fishing dreams, so make sure the whole package arrives at your destination in working order!

Soo Alinement Does Expert Boat Trailer Alignments

Whether your boat trailer is single or dual (tandem) axle, Soo Alinement will check it out and address your alignment needs in our state-of-the-art shop. We will assess your boat trailer for bent axles or wheels, improper axle placement and uneven tire wear. Our expert technicians will get your trailer aligned quickly, safely and affordably and get you back on the water fast!  Contact us today for all of your boat trailer, tow vehicle or other alignment-service needs.