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Proper maintenance of your car helps you avoid more costly repairs down the road, we provide individualized service making sure when you leave our shop, you are satisfied with our services.

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Routine Car Care Should Include an Alignment

Soo Alinement in Brandon, SD has specialized in heavy truck alignments since 1976, but we also perform expert car alignments too!  Most drivers have their car’s brakes, transmission and engine inspected routinely to prevent expensive problems later. Having your passenger car aligned properly is also important for maximum vehicle performance and safety. At Soo Alinement, our team of certified technicians does affordable alignments on all types of vehicles, including most makes and models, foreign or domestic.  No alignment job is too big or too small for Soo Alinement.

What Happens if My Car Isn’t Aligned Properly?

Many drivers neglect getting their cars aligned regularly. Around the Sioux Falls area there are potholes, train tracks and curbs which can quickly knock your vehicle out of alignment.  Left unchecked, a misaligned car will lead to faster tire wear, reduced fuel efficiency and a rougher ride.  So why take a chance with more costly issues down-the-road, when Soo Alinement’s certified mechanics can inspect your vehicle’s alignment to ensure you’re getting the most out of your car?  We also do reliable RV, motorcycle, off-road vehicle and trailer alignments too!

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No matter what type of vehicle you own, trust Soo Alinement with your alignment needs today! Contact us for an estimate or with other repair questions you might have. We’ve been proudly serving the Brandon and Sioux Falls surrounding area for over 40 years now, as a family-owned and operated, full-service automotive and semi-truck repair shop.